Diacron International’s history is strictly connected with the history of Mauro Carratelli, the founder and current President.

Mauro Carratelli is a Chemist Researcher born in Pienza (Italy) and he developed on 1995 of the d-ROMs Test, a very innovative procedure for the detection of Reactive Oxygen Metabolites (directly derived from free radicals) in biological fluids. For this original method Mr. Carratelli obtained a patent license covering all main European countries, USA and Canada.

In the following years Mauro Carratelli developed other original photometric tests, that compose the Panel Carratelli, as OXY-Adsorbent Test (assessment of antioxidant plasma barrier to hypochlorite-induced oxidation), BAP Test (assessment of plasma biological antioxidant potential as iron-reducing activity) and -SHp Test (evaluation of reduced thiol groups). All the tests obtained success in human as well as in veterinary and in food fields.

Mauro Carratelli designed and developed the “Capillary Test” and later the dedicated photometric instruments for oxidative stress assessment, the FREE systems, that are particularly requested by university laboratories, doctor offices, fitness and sport centres.

All the methods developed by Mauro Carratelli were approved by the Italian CNR (National Council of Research) and successfully experimented in several Universities and Clinical Hospitals, in many countries all around the world.

In 2008 Mauro Carratelli developed the successful Svelarancido Kit to detect peroxidised compounds in oils and fatty foods (without photometer) and more recently anti-ROMs Test (differential detection of plasma antioxidant capacity), MAc Test (evaluation of whole blood total acidity) and LP-CHOLOX Test (evaluation of oxidized cholesterol and other lipid peroxides).

Now is available the dedicated photometer FREE Carpe Diem, an instrument mainly employed for oxidative stress assessment, but used also for clinical chemistry tests and FREE DUO, the new dedicated photometer that permit to carry out the test of Panel Carratelli in a fast and easy way.

Lastly, on 2010 Mauro Carratelli developed the URIN-OX Test, an original and innovative diagnostic procedure to evaluate oxidant capacity of urines, for screening purposes.

Currently the activity is focused on new tests in oxidative stress field, but also on innovative tests for food processing (wine and oil, see www.diacron.it).


DIACRON INTERNATIONAL s.r.l is the leader company in research and evaluation of oxidative stress. Our company produces and sells analytical dedicated instruments, kits and accessories for oxidative stress assessment in Human, Veterinary and Agrifood fields.