Diacron Labs is an Italian company that manufactures and markets reagents and scientific instruments for human/veterinary diagnostics and agri-food sector.

Diacron Labs, founded in 2012, combines the experience of Diacron, particularly in the person of Mauro Carratelli, with new professionals from various fields. The new team has a vast background in the in vitro diagnostics, the design of diagnostic tools and application on food analysis products.

The Agri-food Division is specialized in the production of instrumentation and reagents for chemical analysis of the most important parameters in the production of wine, must, oil and vinegar. These products are aimed at small and large producers, winemakers and professionals in the sector as a valid support in the various stages of the production process.

The absolute quality of the products is guaranteed throughout the production chain by the application of a careful Quality Control system.

Diacron Labs continues the Research and Development, started more than 20 years, inspired by the principles of constant improvement of its products.