In the oil industry and in the olive oil mills the assessment of the quality parameters is becoming more important. The market increasingly requires products with specific quality characteristics and knowing them allows to obtain a better product.
This affects both who directly sell the finished product and who offer the milling/pressing service.

The system developed by Diacron Labs consists of the use of dedicated instrumentation and specific reagents that allow the chemical determination of Acidity, Peroxides, Total polyphenols and Vitamin E. The method is simple, fast, economical and used for years with satisfaction from small and large companies.


Reagents for the analysis of oils dedicated to OQC + and AGRIFOOD Carpe Diem are:

READY TO USE: for a practical and immediate use without complicated preparations

STABLE: minimum shelf life of 12 months

PRACTICAL: supplied in packs of 20 determinations or more that can be stored at room temperature


The instrumentation dedicated to oil analysis are Oil Quality Control plus (OQC +) and AGRIFOOD Carpe Diem.

Oil Quality Control plus (OQC+) is an innovative system designed by Diacron Labs that allows to perform, with simple steps, the analysis of Acidity and Peroxides in oils.
In addition, thanks to its small size, low weight and rechargeable batteries, it is the best choice for a portable use.

AGRIFOOD Carpe Diem is an integrated analytical system that allows to perform analysis of Acidity, Peroxides, Total polyphenols and Vitamin E in oils in a simple, fast and reliable way. The instrument is equipped with an integrated centrifuge and can also be configured for analysis on other matrices such as must, wine and vinegar. Data management software is available and allows you to enter information on the samples analysed, consult the results of the analysis performed and create the reports for the various test sessions. The program can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone.