The chemical determination of Total Acidity is essential during the whole production process for companies that produce vinegar, even with the traditional method of Modena.

The current market increasingly requires high quality standards that can be achieved only with a timely control of production parameters. The system developed by Diacron Labs allows the chemical determination of Total Acidity in a quick, simple and reliable way.


With ACETUM QC it is possible to perform the Total Acidity with the dedicated kit

READY TO USE: for a practical and immediate use without complicated preparations

STABLE: minimum shelf life of 18 months

PRACTICAL: supplied in packs of 40 determinations or more that can be stored at room temperature


ACETUM Quality Control (ACETUM QC) is the dedicated system that allows you to perform Total Acidity evaluation in just one minute on any type of vinegar, regardless of colour, even in high density samples. Thanks to its small size, low weight and rechargeable batteries, it is the instrument of choice for use in the field.

ACETUM Quality Control
SIMPLE: traditional procedures of analysis simplified and usable even by non-expert personnel

ACCURATE: guarantees accuracy standards in line with the reference methods

STABLE:eliminates the need for calibration procedures. The reagent is not temperature dependant, so it is possible to perform the analyses directly in the cellar at low temperatures.

FAST: reduces the time needed by a traditional analysis procedures, providing the result in only 1 minute