A constant monitoring of the production process to produce quality wines is essential. The monitoring allows to carry out the wine-making operations and interventions right on time. For this reason Diacron Labs offers winemakers, wine producers and wineries an innovative system dedicated to the analysis of wine and must.

The idea behind the system is to provide a single tool with the functionality of a real laboratory. The system allows to monitor in a simple, fast and reliable way all the useful parameters during the stages of winemaking, even for those who have no experience in laboratory techniques.


Antioxidant capacity
Available Nitrogen
Colour (Intensity – Shade)
Free Sulphur Dioxide
Lactic Acid
Malic Acid
Tartaric Acid
Total Acidity
Total Sugars (Glucose + Fructose)
Total Sulphur Dioxide
Total Polyphenols
Volatile Acidity

The reagents dedicated to AGRIFOOD Carpe Diem are:

READY TO USE:for a practical and immediate use without complicated preparations

STABLE: minimum shelf life of 12 months

PRACTICAL: supplied in packs of 10 determinations or more that can be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator at 2-8 ° C

Reagents for wine and must analysis can be applied to any photometer or spectrophotometer, both automatic and manual.


AGRIFOOD Carpe Diem is an integrated analytical system that allows the analysis of wine and must in a simple, fast and reliable way. The instrument is equipped with an integrated centrifuge and can also be configured for analysis on other matrices such as oil and vinegar. Data management software is available that allows you to enter information on the samples analysed, consult the results of the analyses performed and create the reports for the various test sessions. The program can be accessed from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

ALL-IN-ONE SOLUTION:oenological laboratory in a single system

PERFORMANCE: quick and reliable analysis, directly in the cellar

STABILITY: it does not require calibrations or special maintenance: the curves are already pre-loaded

SEMPLICITY: thanks to the simplified methods, the analysis is within everyone's reach.

FLEXIBILITY: in a few steps it is possible to modify and create new methods, adaptable to every need.