The History

The history of Diacron International is closely linked to the history of its founder and current President, Mauro Carratelli, a Tuscan chemist and researcher known internationally for its findings regarding oxidative stress and its assessment.

In 1994, after many years of studies, Carratelli develops and then patent the d-ROMs Test, the first test for the routine assessment of oxidative status in blood. For this new procedure he obtains the patent in all major European countries, in United States and Canada.

The d-ROMs Test by Diacron International is, therefore, the only patented test that permits a photometrical evaluation of oxidative stress. It is used in the most important Research Centers all over the world, in clinical laboratories and healthcare centres, with very interesting results documented in the vast peer-reviewed literature.

Subsequently Carratelli develops the OXY-Adsorbent Test for the determination of the plasma barrier to oxidation, then the -SHp Test for the assessment of plasma thiols. These tests receive such an interest that are then used as a complement to d-ROMs Test.

During these years Mauro Carratelli directs its research also in the agri-food area, mainly focusing on foods known as a source of antioxidants as wine and the extra virgin olive oil. In 2008 he develops the test Svelarancido to measure the peroxidised compounds in oil and in edible fat, then in the same year Diacron International presented three new tests that complete the Panel Carratelli: Lp CHOLOX Test (for the evaluation of lipid peroxides, specifically the oxidized cholesterol), the MAc Test (the evaluation of total acidity in whole blood) and the anti-ROMs Test (differential determination of plasmatic antioxidant barrier). The research path is completed with the developing of a new dedicated analytical instrument, the FREE Carpe Diem.

The FREE Carpe Diem is a diagnostic photometer dedicated mainly to the evaluation of oxidative stress, but also used for clinical chemistry assays (for example cholesterol and glucose), and nowadays was adopted in famous Universities, Research Centres and health centres in the world.

2015 is the year of FREE DUO presentation. It's a photometer dedicated to the Panel Carratelli that allows the simultaneous measurement of two test with an interactive guide that helps the user with the exam execution. Nowadays the research is focused not only towards new tests in oxidative stress sector, but also towards innovative test in agri-food sector to allow the determination of final quality of wine and edible oil.